Base64 is a representation method based on 64 printable characters to represent binary data. Every 6 bits is a unit, corresponding to a certain printable character. 3 bytes are equivalent to 24 bits, corresponding to 4 Base64 units, that is, 3 bytes can be represented by 4 printable characters. It can be used as the transmission encoding of e-mail. The printable characters in Base64 include letters AZ, az, numbers 0-9, so there are 62 in total characters, and the two printable symbols differ in different systems. Some other encoding methods such as uuencode, and later versions of BinHex use a different 64 character set to represent 6 binary digits, but are not called Base64.

Base64 is often used to represent, transmit, and store some binary data, including MIME emails and some complex data in XML, where text data is usually processed.

What can the Base64 online encryption and decryption tool do?

  • Decrypt base64 data to file
How to use?

  • 1) Paste the text to be entered into the first input box
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